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Track Measurement and Rail Maintenance, Inspection and Utility Vehicles

Donfabs & Consillia's three main disciplines in the railway arena are based on experience gained over many years and are divided into Track Geometry, Rail Inspection / Maintenance Vehicles and Performance Monitoring.  Full information on all of these areas can be found on the Company's Railway web portal at:

Track Geometry Solutions

Our track measurement solutions provide rail operating companies with a simple yet effective way of increasing productivity for safety critical monitoring. Using a combination of intuitive mechanical designs with leading edge electronic analysis systems means that for a relatively low investment complex areas of network can be checked quickly and efficiently.


Rail Inspection and Track Maintenance Vehicles

A range of portable track utility vehicles suitable for 2, 4 or 9 people are available to fulfil maintenance duties within the railway environment. Designed and developed in conjunction with customers the vehicles provide a cost effective way of reducing travelling time to worksite together with the added capability of towing trailers capable of carrying hundreds of kilograms of ancillary equipment.


Ride Comfort Monitoring

The Company's Ride Performance Monitoring Systems provide an unattended method of assessing vehicle ride performance and track conditions on-board in-service trains, eliminating the need for costly Track Possession. These monitoring units can also be used for Condition Based Monitoring procedures or for track or vehicle fault diagnosis.